Project Description

Forever classic, always comfortable, distinctly American, casually elegant. These ideals embody the lifestyle and design philosophy of Alexander Julian. Julian is known as the thinking man’s designer – an artist who is not afraid to experiment with color, texture and detail, creating smart fashion designed for the taste of a connoisseur.

Like any artist, Alex employs a discernible handwriting that crosscuts the shifting currents of application. In the early 70’s Alex set out to modernize traditional menswear with innovative new silhouettes and fabrics, introducing new colors and color combinations into the common vernacular. He inadvertently became the first American fashion designer to design his own cloth. Revisited classics like argyle diamonds transcend scale and material from sweaters to ties to furniture to topiary to basketball uniforms. Equally ubiquitous are his signature iterations of classic herringbone patterns, as realized in everything from clothing to table tops to ceiling design.


Dedicated to elevating the ordinary, Julian is a protagonist for aesthetic entertainment. His details playfully subvert the expectations of both viewer and wearer, from the surprise of multi-colored buttonholes to the irony of trompe l’oeil tweeds.

To Alexander Julian, fashion and home furnishings are not simply functional decorations but self expression and personal fulfillment. His overall mission is simple… Create products that foster a sense of well being.