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English House

The English House is a unique, atmospheric place for connoisseurs of style and quality designer furniture. We know that our furniture is not only high quality and verified design, but also the most important detail of the image of its owner. It is able to favorably emphasize his status and excellent taste. We strive to create a special space that contains an area for tea drinking in English style, parties, educational lectures and other themed events that promote the high furniture culture of America and Europe. The English House is a place where you can travel between classic and modern.

Анастасия Слободская, совладелица салона «Английский дом»



Bright apartment for a young family with 3 children

Footage: 110 m² The main idea: to make a functional apartment in which each family member will have a personal space. Color scheme: mostly muted cold shades. Despite the fact that there are many colors in the apartment, they harmoniously complement each other.