Eclectic apartment in the center of Voronezh

An eclectic apartment in the center of Voronezh for a fan of the brand Jonathan Adler.

Apartment in a new building in the quiet center of Voronezh on the street. Sacco and Vanzetti, 96

Footage: 55.7 m²

The main idea: to make a bright and memorable apartment in which it will not be boring to live.

Color scheme: there are many colors in the apartment, each room is made in its own color.
The idea itself was written a long time ago – the customer loves bright and extraordinary objects, so the special room is made in its own color scheme and a unique mixture of style.

One of the features of the interior is that part of this piece of furniture and decor was purchased to create a design project. Of these subjects, the custom chandelier by Flos, from what he wanted due to its large size, the Wardrobe by Jonathan Adler also became the main objects of desire of the customers and served as inspiration for the design of the doors, which came in one order. In general, from the interior, one can understand that the owner of the apartment is a fan of Jonathan Adler’s work, and so that the items do not look too obvious, they selected rare models of furniture and decor that are not so common in interiors.

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